Turinabol 50mg

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Bio-Tech Pharmaclinico 4-cl-Dehrdro-methyltestosterone (Turinabol10) is an oral steroid which contains 10mg of the hormone 4-cl-Dehrdro-Methyltestosterone.

Oral Turinabol, as it is often called, was first discovered in East Germany in 1962. The steroid became very popular due to its high anabolic properties while being a fairly low androgen. This drug is considered to be the main component of the famous East German doping machine, in which thousands of Germany’s Olympic athletes were secretly given steroids in hopes of dominating the Olympics.

Turinabol is in the same family of steroids as methandienone. The results of this drug are often reported by bodybuilders as being similar to those of D-bol, yet without any of the bloat. Bodybuilders have nicknamed the drug “T-bol” due to this. The lack of bloat is due to the fact that Turinabol doesn't aromatize in the body, and therefore no estrogen related side effects become present.

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